I made a book!

I know, I know. I’ve made books before. But this one I made all by myself!

It’s smaller than the ones I did in class, and I used a different thread (one that’s bright orange, to match the cover!). For bonus win, I made it for my boyfriend, whose favorite color is orange — as you can probably tell from the photo — and he loved it.

I made the text block from printer paper, and used regular book board and book cloth for the cover. I made matching endbands, and used the curved-spine technique I learned in Bookbinding 2 (I don’t have a book hammer yet, but wound up being able to do it with just my fingers, probably because it’s such a small book).

My new nipping press is awesome and I actually cranked it down a little too hard – you can see some denting from the press being too tight if you know where to look in the photos. But it came out great for a first solo book! I’m very pleased.

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3 Responses to I made a book!

  1. jillian says:

    Ohhhh! It’s so awesome! And cute!! Very nicely done!

  2. Mazarine says:

    LOVe that orange! Almost the same color as his shirt! where are you getting your marvelous papers? 🙂 I need a new source for my art!



    • I know, right? I found that orange book cloth at the Paper Source store near my place. I knew as soon as I saw it who it was for. 🙂
      the papers on the books I’ve made so far are from my teacher — she buys beautiful paper all over the place, including while she’s on vacation, and brings them to use in her classes. I’m starting to buy some myself, mostly from Paper Source. I prefer buying paper I can see and touch.

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