September’s a Big Month!

Hey, book lovers!

The blog’s been quiet, but if you follow my Instagram (or Facebook, or Tumblr) you know I’ve been busybusy, getting ready to vend at Rose City Comic Con (9/19 & 9/20) If you’ve never been, it is an amazing con. Fans of comics or of scifi/fantasy in general, it is 100% worth the price of admission ($50 for both days or $30 for one). Plus, you’ll get a chance to buy some of my blank books with comic-book covers! I am not listing them on Etsy before the con.

Other news: The super awesome Two Artsy Gals podcast had me on as a guest! We hung out and chatted about bookbinding for over an hour, and the episode is going to go live on 9/10, so be sure to check it out! (I’m sure I’ll be posting about it everywhere on the day as well, heh.) It’s a great podcast, so if you are irreverent and dig DIY/crafts, go check it out.

Here are a few pix from my Instagram feed over the last couple weeks:

Any Deadpool fans in the house? #bookbinding #bookarts #deadpool #comics

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Stamping books with my URL, woo! #bookbinding #bookarts #selfie

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Bruce Wayne, into the book press! He’ll be on my table at #RCCC. #bookbinding #bookarts #comics #batman

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Getting lots done! #bookbinding #bookarts

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