Paper for Bookbinding: 24#, 11″x8.5″ – 100 Sheets


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As a service to my fellow bookbinders, I am offering one of the papers I use for my books for you to use in yours! I calculated approximately how much it costs me and added a smidge for labor. I buy it here: and get it custom cut.

This is Mohawk Superfine 24# text-weight paper, in white with an eggshell finish. It is awesome. It is also grain-short, meaning if you take one of these sheets and fold it in half to make a signature 8.5″x5.5″, the grain will go with the fold.

NOTE: This is not the paper I use in the majority of my blank books! This is a lighter paper I use when printing books to bind and when making bullet journals. I’ll be offering my usual 70# paper once I find a flat rate box that can hold it (it’s 8″x12.5″ and won’t fit in my usual sizes)

Want a full ream? They’re available here:×8-5-ream-of-500-sheets/