About the Roadie

Photo by Kyeli Smith

Hi there! I’m Ealasaid Haas, the Roadie-in-Chief. (You know how roadies are the people who set up and tear down and do maintenance for rock bands? I’m like that, but for books.)

I fell in love with books as a very small child, and fell in love with bookbinding the day I tried it at the San Francisco Center for the Book. That was back in 2010, and bookbinding has taken up a larger and larger part of my life as the years go by. After finishing several courses at the SFCB, I started offering hand-bound blank books for sale and book repair services (as well as the other services listed elsewhere on the site).

I now live in Portland, Oregon with my partner and our two cats, and pay the bills as a technical writer. I have a small bookbinding workbench at home, with things like my flat file full of paper tucked into other parts of the house. When I’m not writing or bookbinding, I’m knitting, practicing Tai Chi, or playing on my Xbox One.

Come to one of the events I’m working and say hi!