Custom Handbound Blank Books

A custom 500-page book, the biggest I've ever made!There are a lot of options when I make a custom blank book. You get to choose:

  1. Size (8.5×11 or smaller is easiest, but I’m pretty creative. If you want to go big, I want to figure out how to do it. ADVENTURE!)
  2. The endpapers (marbled? solid? what color?)
  3. The decorative paper on the cover
  4. The bookcloth along the spine
  5. The color of ribbon bookmark(s) (I can do up to three ribbon bookmarks)
  6. Cloth corners or regular
  7. Hand-sewn endbands or regular
  8. How many pages?

As a very special feature, I can send you sheets of paper for you to write special messages, wishes, prayers, etc. upon, which will then be bound inside the book. You can see how that’s done in this post, in the photo titled “smoothing the inside cover.”

A pair of custom tarot card journalsThat’s So Complicated!

Yeah, I know. There are a lot of options! Yikes! But don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Really, all you need to have ideas about are:

  • What’s the book for? 
    Writing? Drawing? Painting?
  • Who’s the book for?
    You? A friend? What kinds of colors do you/your friend like?

Hopefully that’s a bit less intimidating!

Custom pentacle-cloth covered bookIs it Expensive?

Price depends on the features, of course, but here’s a rough example:

  1. 8×5.5″ journal ($60)
  2. Marbled endpapers (included)
  3. Japanese paper on the cover (included)
  4. Plain black bookcloth (included)
  5. 2 ribbon bookmarks (+$5)
  6. Cloth corners (+$20)
  7. Hand-sewn endbands (+$20)
  8. 160 pages (included)
    TOTAL: $105

I generally ship USPS priority mail using the prepaid, flat-rate envelopes and boxes, to keep prices low.

If you’re interested in a custom blank book, contact me and let’s make it happen! If you’re in Portland, Oregon, you can come in person to peruse my stash of materials (way more fun that doing it over the internet!).

Are you in? Drop me a line!