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I LOVE these journals!

I have been using these journals for several years, and recently I ran out of of them when it was time to start a new journal so I thought I’d try a different company’s journal. While the alternate journal was decent quality the experience was totally disappointing. I’ll never use another company’s journal again! I kept getting frustrated with the alternate journal: it wouldn’t lay flat, the pages were too heavy and stuck together, and it overall just didn’t feel right. As soon as I got my next Book Roadie order I started to use it right away and what a wonderful difference! The magical experience of the Book Roadie journal called me to get my journaling back on track. It has a magic that draws me to use it that the other journal just didn’t have. The paper is just the right weight; the dot grid is perfect in it’s transparency when I draw on a page; and the journal lays peacefully flat! Thanks for making such wonderful tools!

Sand Luck

Better than Moleskine

For years, I’ve carried a pocket sized notebook in my purse. For notes. These days I’m also bullet journaling and 5-minute gratitude journaling in it.

The Book Roadie’s pocket books are exactly the right size. They are sturdy. Moleskine’s similarly sized books always–every time–wear out at the corners of the spine. Book Roadies’ books can take the wear and tear. Book Roadie also has beautiful end papers, for a bit of beauty with the utility.

I’ve bought 5 books so far, and I will definitely buy more.

Vicki Solomon

Exceptional and timeless…

Loved the gorgeous quality and superb craftsmanship of my two journals!

Cin-Yee Shih

Best handbound journals ever!

I’ve been using these blank journals for a few years.
Not only are they amazingly beautiful, they also hold up to my less-that-careful treatment really well! I’ve had them ride around in a busy pack and a purse with only a little wear after months of abuse.


Beautiful and durable

I’ve gotten two books from The Book Roadie for my own personal reflection and journaling and the investment has been worthwhile. They are such beautiful pieces and so finely made, they are durable and make my silly little notes feel amazing and special.

Tony Rella

Custom Journal

I had the privilege of obtaining a wonderfully customized, and beautifully hand-bound journal from Ealasaid. She created the journal of my dreams by allowing me to choose from hundreds of cover styles, and numerous other details that make my journal unique! My heart melted when I saw it for the first time. It’s the perfect size, and flawlessly executed. Every time I write in it, I smile. Once I fill its pages, there’s no doubt I’ll return to The Book Roadie for another one.


In Love

I have absolutely fallen in love with my new journal! Thank you so very much… I feel a whole new sense of inspiration since writing again, I don’t know if you realize just how appreciative I am!

Sara Spencer, www.purelypleasures.net