Public and academic libraries catalog their books, and with good reason. If you’ve got a good-sized library, cataloging may appeal to you, too — but the thought of manually entering all that data into a computer may seem overly tedious. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spare to get it all done, and don’t want to do it piecemeal. Whatever the reason, if you want your library cataloged, I’m the one to call.

What I Can do for You

I’ve cataloged my own collection of 1,200+ books on LibraryThing (you can see my catalog here). Between barcodes and ISBNs on newer books and my experience gently handling older volumes, I can make fairly quick work of entering your books into book cataloging software or the cataloging website (or even an old-school card catalog!), and show you how to enter future volumes yourself.

Why Catalog Your Library?

There are plenty of reasons to catalog your library:

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Document what books you have for insurance purposes
  • Easier to track books loaned to friends
  • Show off your collection to folks who don’t live nearby

Whatever your reason, I can help.

Want to Hire the Roadie?

Use my Contact page to get a hold of me!