Custom Book Options

Welcome! Here are some links to get you started picking out materials.

Cover Paper

My regular medium sized books have fabric (bookcloth) along the spine and part of the covers, then decorative paper or comic book pages on the rest of the cover. Just about any paper that’s big enough can be used. I have a pretty big selection, or you can pick anything from the following websites as long as it’s text weight or cover weight. Be sure to check the weight! Tissue won’t last well and is a huge pain to work with. 🙂


I have most standard colors (black, gold, red, green, blue, purple) plus some others – I try to keep the ones I use the most in stock, so whatever you’ve seen at my booth, I probably can use for you. Or, pick your own! Here are some links to get you started:

  • Hollanders (My personal favorite)
  • Hiromi Papers
  • A few art supply shops carry bookcloth, but they can be hard to track down. You can do so if you like and ship me the bookcloth you want in a poster tube.

I can also make custom bookcloth, for an additional fee. Ship me the fabric you have in mind (please make sure that at least one of the edges is the selvage, it makes it easier for me to identify the fabric grain), or send me a link online. Places like Spoonflower are overflowing with awesome designs.


Traditionally, endpapers (which are the ones on the inside cover and first page of a book) are marbled, but any paper that’s text weight is a-okay. Here are a few links to get you started:


If you want to specify endbands, pick one from the links below! I have a bunch in stock, but am always happy to order new headband material. 😀