It’s probably happened to you. You’re moving, and amid all the chaos and planning, it hits you: Oh, god. I have to move my library.

The last time I moved, I was annoyed that I couldn’t find a specialist to help me with my books. I went with a regular moving company because I was too sick to pack and schlep on my own, and … let’s just say that they didn’t totally ruin any of my books.

That was one of the times I swore if I had the chance I’d change that, and it was one of the first inklings that I should become a Book Roadie.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to inflict your bibliophilac neuroses on your kind friends who offer to help you pack (and might bend the covers or pack your hardbacks so the spines get pressed on, or or or), but you also hate the thought of moving your library yourself.

I can help.

What I Can Do For You

  • Handle getting boxes and bring them to your library.
  • Help you pack your books as gently and lovingly as they deserve.
  • Schlep them to your new place.
  • Unpack them and shelve them according to whatever organization system you like.
  • Moving is also a top-notch time to catalog your collection if you’ve been thinking about doing it!

Want to Hire the Roadie?

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