30 Day Book Meme: Day 21

Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

To answer this, I must confess a secret: I don’t just like Jane Austen, as previously mentioned. I am hopelessly fond of Georgette Heyer.

I know. Not very rock ‘n Roll.

But she has written easily one of my favorite relationships ever, that between Abby Wendover and Miles Calverleigh, in Black Sheep. Her niece (a flighty, spoiled thing raised by Abby and another aunt) falls for Miles’ nephew (who has lost all his money and is trying to get himself hitched to an heiress, which Abby’s niece conveniently is). Miles doesn’t really care at first (he’s mostly entertained by people getting into scrapes, if he even notices), but when he starts to care about Abby and sees how distressed she is, he puts in an effort.

He’s hilarious and charming and Abby is intelligent and witty, and together they’re hysterical. Black Sheep is one of my favorite Heyer novels.

I shall now go listen to my entire Led Zepplin collection to get my rock cred back.