30 Day Book Meme: Day 28

First favorite book or series obsession

The very first was probably Dracula. Holy moly I loved that book. I read anything to do with it at all and was soon the foremost sixth-grade expert on the fellow. I could talk your ear off about the historical guy Stoker loosely based the character on (Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, on account of his dad was nicknamed Dracul and the “la” ending meant “son of.” Aw, yeah. I still got it.).

I watched every Dracula movie my parents would let me get my hands on, along with every vampire movie they’d let me see. I read everything even loosely connected to vampires in the local library, and started amassing the formidable vampire-related book collection that forms the heart of my library’s Special Collections section.