So, it’s been quiet around here!

That’s because I’m moving in April — and not just moving like I normally do (ie, about 20 minutes away, and via several car trips over a week or three plus one big push with friends). No, no, I’m moving out of state. All at once.

This requires, unsurprisingly, a shitton of work. I’ve been sorting through the boxes of miscellanea that have accumulated over my years of not-really-having-to-purge-when-I-move, and I’ll be doing a similar sort through basically all my possessions… except, as will likely surprise nobody, my book collection.

I joked recently that once I’ve read a book, it gets a forever home in my library — and I meant it.

Anyway. Once I start packing, I plan on doing another series on moving so y’all can come along. I have huge plans for posts I want to write, but right now all my spare time is taken up with my day job, moving preparations, and trying to fight off some bug that’s taken up residence in my body. So hang in there. More posts are coming! It just might be a while.