I LOVE these journals!

I have been using these journals for several years, and recently I ran out of of them when it was time to start a new journal so I thought I’d try a different company’s journal. While the alternate journal was decent quality the experience was totally disappointing. I’ll never use another company’s journal again! I kept getting frustrated with the alternate journal: it wouldn’t lay flat, the pages were too heavy and stuck together, and it overall just didn’t feel right. As soon as I got my next Book Roadie order I started to use it right away and what a wonderful difference! The magical experience of the Book Roadie journal called me to get my journaling back on track. It has a magic that draws me to use it that the other journal just didn’t have. The paper is just the right weight; the dot grid is perfect in it’s transparency when I draw on a page; and the journal lays peacefully flat! Thanks for making such wonderful tools!